Fiber optic KVM extender

A fiber optic KVM extender is a device that creates a fiber optic link between the desk and a computer, and provides Keyboard, Video and Mouse channels。 For practical use it also needs to have a stereo audio output channel, to hear the sound generated by the computer, and an input audio channel, to send the sound from a microphone into the computer。

Such device is useful to reduce EMF at the desk because the computer can be moved far away from the desk, and the only link between the computer and the desk is a fiber optic cable. The fiber optic cable doesn't emit any EMF, and it also doesn't carry electromagnetic noise from the computer to the desk. The devices at the ends of this fiber optic cable may have some EMF, so for our purposes these devices must also have a robust shielding enclosure.

The device on the desk of course needs a source of electric power, and as usual the manufacturers provide a SMPS which is another source of EMF and dirty electricity, but we can replace this with a linear power supply.

The fiber optic KVM detaches the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse from the computer. The monitor doesn't get the EM noise of the computer. Also the keyboard and the mouse have much less EM noise, if the KVM extender is powered by a clean DC source.

A fiber optic KVM is composed of two boxes called Transmitter or TX and Receiver or RX。 The Transmitter is placed close to the computer and it is connected to the computer by regular video, audio and USB cables。 The Receiver is placed on the desk and it is connected to the monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers or headphones, and microphone。

Also the cable used to connect the monitor to the Receiver box should be very well shielded in order to minimize the EMF.

The fiber optic KVM extender would let you move your computer, either a laptop, desktop or a mini PC, quite far away your desk, for example in the garage, or in the corridor.

In order to be able to install this system you need to have a passage for the fiber optic cable。 You need also a linear power supply at the desk side to power the Receiver box of the KVM。

The advantages of this solution are greater if you need also a quite big computer, which is also noisy, and maybe you need also a UPS to protect the computer from power outages. In this case the fiber optic KVM is the best solution in my opinion.

The fiber optic cable is not expensive, we just have to choose it carefully according to the requirements of the fiber optic KVM device.

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